Monday, October 24, 2011

Zombies! Is Your Biz Among the “Undead”? Reanimate Sales Now With

Yikes -- is your business among the “Undead”?  The award-winning TV ad agency helps businesses scare up sales this holiday season.
LOS ANGELES, CA -- Yikes... zombies!  Could your business be one of the “Undead” - a lifeless shell, scaring off customers?  In this spooky economy, if a business isn’t advertising, people leave it for dead.  Don’t “Scream” -- the award-winning TV ad agency can help your business break out of that sales “Quarantine” and become “The Howling” success you want it to be.
Halloween is the “Fire Starter” of the holiday season.  This year, Advertising Age predicts that Halloween purchasing alone will scare up $6.9 billion in consumer spending, up from $5.8 billion last year.  Halloween gets consumers in “Maximum Overdrive” for their annual holiday spend.  You know that “The Hills Have Eyes” -- and your business should be right in front of them, advertising on TV with a great-looking TV commercial by Cheap TV Spots.
Your customers say “Let Me In” but that’s just “The Thing” will they know “Who Goes There” unless you’re a “Hellraiser”?  If you’re not advertising, all that your customers will hear is the “Silence of the Lambs.”  If you want new customers, “Don’t Look In the Cellar.”  Take a bite out of holiday sales with a national quality, custom-made, broadcast-ready TV commercial production by Cheap TV Spots, starting at only $999. 
Many advertisers are “Buried Alive” in a post-recession “Apocalypse” of online ads, stuck on “The Fringe” of some website “Zombieland.”   If your business is among “The Invisible” you could find yourself right back in last year’s “Nightmare on Elm Street” - and who needs a sequel to that?  Don’t let the bite of online ads suck out $5,000, $10,000, even $20,000 a month from your marketing budget when can get your business on the air for a fraction of the cost of online ads.  
With ten years in business and over 190 international awards for TV commercial production including 15 Telly Awards, has the “Silver Bullet” for your ad campaign, producing original, custom TV ads to make your business “The Shining” beacon for customers.
] serves a variety of advertisers including mesothelioma attorneys, credit and debt services, medical products, diabetes supplies, doctors, dentists, tax lawyers, entrepreneurs, toy industry, internet services, structured settlements, fitness centers, health and beauty products, health care and healthcare providers, housewares, inventors, DUI lawyers, home improvement, automotive sales and service, insurance, mortgages, real estate, sports, casino, amusement parks, hotels, data recovery, feature film, music labels, video games, edutainment, computer software and hardware, restaurants, charities, and home-based business owners and SMBs disenchanted with ineffective, expensive pay-per-click ad words.
At Cheap TV Spots, we make small businesses look big; we save big businesses big money. produces and airs TV advertising on broadcast TV, cable TV, and satellite TV in cities across the US, including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis, Raleigh, Philadelphia, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Washington D.C., Boston, Newark, Atlantic City, New York, and beyond.
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