Friday, May 28, 2010

Impossible Feat: Award-Winning Quality at Low Price Point - Cheap TV Spots

In a world where the expected trade-off for a low cost TV commercial is poor quality, and the price of a great-looking ad is an arm and a leg, one ad agency, Cheap TV Spots, has found the perfect combination - superb quality, low cost, no compromise.

Los Angeles, CA -- World renowned television advertising agency Cheap TV Spots has garnered three prestigious Worldfest Remi Awards for their low cost, high quality commercial productions. At over 180 international awards for TV production, Cheap TV Spots is again the most award-winning online discount TV ad agency in the world. Guinness World Records, are you listening?

Cheap TV Spots serves a variety of advertisers from diverse sectors including mesothelioma attorneys, credit and debt services, tax lawyers, structured settlements, DUI lawyers, life insurance, auto insurance, remortgages, data recovery, and more, across US cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Austin, Raleigh, and Philadelphia, and internationally.

The company credits its success to a top-notch creative team and the leading-edge technologies they use every day. The team at are avid users of the world’s best production technologies. The company mantra is, “We love Adobe. We love Apple. We love Sony. We love HP, too.”

While the rest of the advertising world is abuzz with speculation on the effectiveness of this or that advertising venue (AdWords, Tweets, Facebook ads, etc.), Cheap TV Spots consistently produces powerful, memorable commercials for the most proven medium - television - ads that can be repurposed for internet and mobile platforms.

For advertisers, the value-add of an award-winning commercial is simple. When a business steps out with a new product or service, there are many unknowns. With a well-crafted ad, the advertiser’s offering is presented well in the marketplace.

Cheap TV Spots creates memorable TV commercials with real national chops. Their carefully crafted ads convey a professional and substantial image to potential customers and clients.

With venture capital and angel investors harder to find, entrepreneurs seek the most innovative and cost-efficient ways to promote their offerings. Studies show that video sells, and many entrepreneurs come to for a commercial featuring their proposed product or service, while it’s still in development, as a tool to pitch the idea to capital sources. This lets capital visualize the fully realized product or service, and gives the positive message that the business is well on its way, and fully invested in its own future. Likewise, venture and angel sources can turn their portfolio clients onto Cheap TV Spots for a sensible way to initiate a branding or sales campaign.

Unfortunately today, it's all too easy to find tech companies masquerading as TV agencies by tacking “TV advertising” onto a long list of orphaned offerings.  Conversely, Cheap TV Spots is a real television advertising agency.  This is why serious entrepreneurs on a budget choose Cheap TV Spots year after year.

Cheap TV Spots® is a service of Academy Leader, Inc. “Cheap TV Spots,” the “Three Spots” logo and the phrase “Only Our Price is Cheap” are trademarks of Academy Leader, Inc.

Academy Leader, Inc. is a multi-faceted multi-national media company that spans motion pictures, television, publishing, radio, and new media. The agency has won over 180 national and international awards for its original commercial productions, including 15 Telly Awards.

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