Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stop Beating a Dead Corpse - Scare Up Sales Now With Cheap TV Spots helps businesses escape from the online ad Abyss.  Don’t call Mummy - find out how television can be cheaper than online advertising.
LOS ANGELES, CA - Has your business been Hounded into The Abyss by a Plague of ever-increasing online ad costs?  Does your online advertising message seem Hellbound for one of those Tales From the Crypt?, the most award-winning discount TV advertising agency in the world, offers businesses an escape from the terror of expensive online ads, with quality, low-cost television advertising on broadcast, satellite, or cable TV.
The cost of online ads is a Shocker:  many small business advertisers spend $5,000, $10,000, even $20,000 per week on the Underworld of Unborn online ads, paying ever more just to stay above ground, until ultimately, they’re Buried Alive. 
Online advertisers go Psycho in a Duel for a customer's attention.  They’re forced to out-bid The Others in an Alien vs. Predator scene, inflaming online ad costs, making search engine ads The Pit of Intolerable Cruelty.  Worse, a pizza parlor ad materializes next to a web article about unsavory acts at a local funeral parlor.  Hungry, yet? 
Search engine ad Monsters are Bloodsuckers, a different Species and not The Innocents they claim, turning their chant, “We are not Evil,” darkly Satanic.
Is your business being strangled by the Anaconda of expensive online ads?  For a fraction of the cost of online ads, can create a national quality TV commercial that puts a stake through the Telltale Heart of your competitors.  A high-quality discount TV ad from showcases your enterprise before Spellbound TV viewers, not in some tiny, Oblong Box on the Fringe of a web Night Gallery.
Online ads just attract Zombie customers who return from The Living Dead, but never bite.  TV advertising puts Flesh on your message, and brings out The Beast in those Undead customers, without costing an arm or a leg.
To, no market is a Zombieland.  Cheap TV Spots can get your advertising seen in big cities, or nationally, ghost-to-ghost, and even in small Burbs like Disturbia, Cloverfield or Cape Fear. airs ads over networks of Legend, in the Sunshine dayparts, Twilight, or even From Dusk Till Dawn.  Cheap TV Spots turn any Nightmare on Elm Street online ad campaign into a television everywhere Silver Bullet of commerce.
Cheap TV Spots produces award-winning, custom-made, national quality TV commercials for its low, flat rates, and offers air time placement services scaled for start-ups and small to medium sized businesses.  Serving entrepreneurs for over 9 years, Cheap-TV-Spots is the world’s first global, internet-based, discount TV ad agency.  
The boys and ghouls at Cheap TV Spots wish everyone a Happy Halloween.

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