Sunday, May 15, 2011 Tops 190 International Awards for Affordable TV Ads

LOS ANGELES, CA -- The affordable, internet-based TV advertising agency Cheap TV Spots is proud to announce it has won the prestigious Gold Award at the 2011 Worldfest International Film Festival.  The advertising agency’s amazing award count now stands at over 190 international awards. 
Worldfest is the one of the longest running international film and TV festivals in North America, and is the longest-operating producer of original, discount-priced TV commercials for the international market.
What do all of these awards mean to you, the business owner?  Your high quality television commercial by the creative minds at will be original, compelling, and look great. does not use look-alike pre-made ads, which dilute and destroy branding.  Your ad won’t look like anyone else’s.  At Cheap TV Spots, we’re television advertising pros -- so your ad won’t suck like it was made by amateurs, won’t embarrass you, and won’t make you look small or unprofessional.  
Importantly, your commercial won’t be rejected for airing by the networks due to incorrect network specifications -- a growing problem, as inexperienced videographers try their luck and fail at making broadcast quality TV commercials.  
Cheap TV Spots, famous for quality and reliability, is manned by real television pros. 
A Cheap TV Spots commercial gives your business the best foundation to get you sales, brand your product or service, and make you money.
To find out more about the value of award-winning producers for your TV advertising strategy, see this insightful article:  “5 Tips for Finding the Right TV Producer For Your Next Television Commercial.”
Cheap TV Spots serves a variety of advertisers including mesothelioma attorneys, credit and debt services, medical products, doctors and dentists, tax lawyers, entrepreneurs, toy industry, internet services, structured settlements, health care and healthcare providers, housewares, inventors, DUI lawyers, home repair, automotive sales and service, insurance, mortgages, real estate, sports, casino operators, amusement parks, hotel chains, data recovery, feature film, music labels, video games, edutainment, computer software and hardware, restaurants, charities, and home-based business owners and SMBs disenchanted with ineffective, expensive pay-per-click ad words.  
What’s more, produces across US cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, St Louis, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, Boston, Detroit, Phoenix, Austin, Chicago, Raleigh, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Newark, Atlantic City, New York, and beyond.
Founded in 1961, Worldfest is the one of the longest running international film and TV festivals in North America, receiving thousands of entries each year.  Worldfest spotted the early talent of film legends such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, David Lynch, Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone, Ang Lee, Robert Rodriguez, and the Coen Brothers.
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