Wednesday, July 18, 2012

UPDATE: Digital TV Advertising Agency Wins Milestone 200th International Award

Los Angeles, CA -- Update: now at over 200 international awards!

Hitting a major milestone of 200 international awards for TV commercial production, the internet-based, affordable TV advertising agency proves its dedication to quality.

International, Internet based digital TV advertising agency Cheap TV Spots reaches a major milestone at the 2012 Videographer Awards competition, winning its 200th international award for its high quality TV commercial productions.

The Videographer Awards is an international competition, judged by industry peers, whose mission is to provide meaningful recognition and reward excellence in the production of video, television and digital media.

Now with an unprecedented total of 201 international awards from a wide range of film and video festivals and competitions, Cheap TV Spots continues to achieve excellence as the world’s most award-winning discount TV ad agency. also garnered gold at this year’s Worldfest competition, and scored an equally impressive win at the recent AVA Awards.

“Exceeding 200 awards for our well-crafted TV commercial productions proves not only our dedication to quality, but our staying power in the competitive TV commercial production field,” says spokesman Jim Whelk.

Investment in digital-world-based TV companies has taken off recently, more than a decade after, the original, internet-based, independent television advertising agency for entrepreneurs, proved the model for TV advertising agencies living in the digital space. Cheap TV Spots creates and airs quality, low cost TV advertising for all kinds of businesses, its mission since its founding in 2001.

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