Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cheap TV Spots "Fix Your Ad" Discount

The offer begins, "Already got one of those automated, pre-made ads from some impersonal, robot-run, make-an-ad generator? Got a cable TV ad that looks like amateur hour? Not too happy with it? Stop crying...WE CAN HELP!"

Academy Leader, Inc. and Cheap TV Spots® announces a new discount program for businesses, called the "Fix Your Ad Special," a novel way to help businesses who are dissatisfied with an ad they purchased elsewhere.

Businesses can "trade in" their existing commercial. For a $100 discount off their regular low, flat rate, Cheap TV Spots® will make a unique, memorable, national-quality custom TV commercial to replace it.

"Over the years, we have found that some of our customers who come to us with an existing commercial are not sure the ad they bought was any good," says Founder, Jeffrey Hilton. "We're happy to air their existing ad, of course. But when we produce a new ad for them, they're ecstatic with the results. Our work is quite an improvement."

Cheap TV Spots® has won over 40 awards for its television commercial productions, including most recently the 2006 Worldfest Houston Bronze Remi, 2006 Crystal Vision Awards Silver, 2006 Pegasus Award of Excellence, 2006 Telly Awards Bronze, 2006 Videographer Awards Award of Distinction, and many others.

Cheap TV Spots® is a service of Academy Leader, Inc., an award-winning multifaceted media company spanning television, film, and electronic media. Academy Leader, Inc. has its headquarters in Florida.