Monday, February 01, 2010

Cheap TV Spots Says Join the Recovery: Ten Tips to Pull your Business Out of the Recession

The new year has begun - follow your resolution to lead the economic recovery by streamlining budgets and optimizing your advertising mix. The award-winning discount TV ad agency announces its top recovery tips.

Los Angeles, CA -- If you’re reading this, you’re on your way to prosperity for 2010. The country may be dusting itself off and pulling out of a recession, but the smart small business is positioned perfectly to prosper in this changing environment. announces tips for turning your business into that lean, mean, profit machine you know it can be.

One. Break the cycle of doubt - promote your business. It's said that he who hesitates is lost. Likewise, if your customer hesitates to buy, you may lose him forever. In business, a "maybe" hits your bottom line just like a "no." Give your customers a way to find you and a reason to say "yes."

Two. Buy smart when choosing office equipment and supplies. Buy adequate computing power to suit your needs, but leave off the bells and whistles.

Three. Reevaluate basic operational costs. Does your success really hinge upon a huge, posh office? Rent only the space you need - you'll appreciate the simplicity and savings. Check for move-in incentives and other price breaks.

Four. Help your customers win their own war on the recession - by buying from you. Can you save your customers money? Highlight these benefits, or offer discounts on what you already sell.

Five. Hire a small, permanent staff for basics, and reach out to a few reliable specialists for work overload. For your TV campaign, you're better off with a professionally designed commercial. Ad quality seals your reputation in your customer's mind. creates national quality TV advertising for a fraction of the cost, and you can air locally, regionally or nationally.

Six. Keep an eye on receivables. Send out those overdue notices - don't be the vendor that’s put at the bottom of the pile. But be ready to work with that strapped client who's willing to make some effort to pay.

Seven. Try factoring. You can put together a chunk of working capital by taking your receivables to a specialized lending source and getting an advance based on a percentage of those receivables.

Eight. Dig deep to promote your business, but play it smart. TV advertising is one of the best deals for putting your company in front of your customers. Just remember, your ad must be unique and high-quality. A bad ad is not worth airing and could damage your reputation. Cheap-TV-Spots creates memorable ads with great audio, national-quality imagery, and are guaranteed unique (no icky templates!).

Nine. Back up your TV efforts with a solid web presence. When people see your ad, they expect details at your website - this goes for brick and mortar businesses like restaurants as much as for online, professional, or service businesses. can promote your website, 800 number, or even SMS text message to targeted TV viewers.

Ten. Cash in on excess inventory. Have overstock? Liquidate. Hold a short, fast sale. TV is especially helpful in promoting a special, limited time offer. Cheap TV Spots can create a great ad, and help you get on the air.

Bonus Tip. Don’t wait for a recovery - lead the recovery. Tell people you’re still in business, and give them a reason to buy from you. An effective, affordable TV ad from Cheap TV Spots can put you in the lead for a return to prosperity.

Winner of over 180 international awards for television production, Cheap TV Spots produces TV advertising across the US and around the globe for many business sectors including high-tech, legal, health, motion pictures, events, publishing, real estate, automotive, household goods and restaurants.

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