Monday, March 21, 2011

Announcing "TV Ad Rate Store" at TVAds.TV for Air Time Rates

The world’s most award-winning affordable TV advertising agency,, launches its new “TV Ad Rate Store” at - a quick and easy way for small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs and other advertisers to get current rates for TV air time, so they can be sure they’re getting the best deal.

Los Angeles -- Want to know what TV airings really cost before you commit to an air time purchase?  Want to find out what the real TV network rate is, stripped of agency fees?  Want to keep your media buyer honest?  To address the constantly changing landscape for TV advertising, the world’s most award-winning affordable television advertising agency,, announces the “TV Ad Rate Store” at -  a brand new, low cost, no obligation TV air time rate research service.
The TV Ad Rate Store(tm) TVAds.TV
With the proliferation of venture-funded, if poorly designed, online interfaces for do-it-yourself TV air time buying, is stepping up to the plate to offer SMBs, entrepreneurs, and marketers a new way to get a handle on actual air time cost, with no obligation to buy. 
Cheap TV Spots encourages businesses to visit the TV Ad Rate Store at for up-to-date air time cost research and TV advertising expertise.
The TV Ad Rate Store helps businesses find out the current TV air time cost for their desired network, daypart, or even a specific TV show.  This is an unbiased snapshot of the current rates for the advertiser’s desired airings.  Advertisers can research a single rate, or they can get a proposed airing schedule that focuses on their desired customer.
Importantly, the TV Ad Rate Store gives advertisers the actual negotiated network air time rate, not a computer-generated “bid” price.  This means that advertisers know in advance the network’s current, per-spot rate, not padded with extra commissions.  
Entrepreneurs and SMBs can get actual TV ad rates to plug into their marketing budget calculations.  Businesses can find out ahead of time what to expect for their advertising dollar.  Start-ups can build ad rate research into their business plan.  The TV Ad Rate Store can also evaluate the advertiser’s TV commercial for creative effectiveness and technical network compliance (“network clearance”).  Advertisers can order air time for their cleared commercial through the TV Ad Rate Store, too, if desired.
The TV Ad Rate Store is a helpful resource for custom rate research, not an online, do-it-yourself “bid” system.  One of the difficulties that many advertisers encounter with online TV air time “bid” systems hyped by venture capital firms is that they end up paying far more than the network’s regular rate.  The bid rate is padded with extra commissions by the online bid system, often 20-percent to 40-percent, sometimes even more.  The TV Ad Rate Store offers real, negotiated network air time rates - no padding.
Some online TV ad services force the advertiser to format their TV commercial so that it will only work for their proprietary system, but not air on standard TV networks, locking the ad into their own small group of participating systems.  
The TV Ad Rate Store can research and place ads on any cable system, satellite system or broadcast network.  Advertisers can be on TV anywhere they desire, even internationally.  The TV Ad Rate Store is backed by the experienced team that founded the Original
Cheap TV Spots and the TV Ad Rate Store serve a variety of advertisers, including mesothelioma attorneys, credit and debt services, tax lawyers, structured settlements, DUI lawyers, life insurance, auto insurance, remortgages, doctors, dentists, data recovery, books, DVDs, housewares, real estate, dating sites, retailers, online shopping, and more, across US cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Austin, Raleigh, and Philadelphia, and internationally.
“TV Ad Rate Store,” “Cheap TV Spots,” the “Three Spots” logo and the phrase “Only Our Price is Cheap” are trademarks of Academy Leader, Inc.
Academy Leader, Inc. is a multi-faceted multi-national media company founded in 2001, which spans motion pictures, television, publishing, radio, and new media. The agency has won over 180 national and international awards for its original commercial productions, including 15 Telly Awards and 5 Davey Awards. 

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