Sunday, March 13, 2011 Offers Its Own Smart TV Options for SMBs and Start-Ups

Award-winning TV advertising agency Cheap TV Spots® announces its own Smart TV Spots, combining the power of the Internet with the long-standing popularity of television.  Cheap TV Spots makes advertising affordable for entrepreneurs.
LOS ANGELES -- The world’s most award-winning affordable television advertising agency,, announces its own brand of Smart TV, with "Smart TV Spots.”  Smart TV is any one of several technologies that combine the power of the internet with the broad reach and long-standing popularity of television.  Cheap TV Spots helps entrepreneurs into this marketplace, without the need for special hardware or software, by harnessing the unmatched power of regular TV.

The beauty of “Smart TV Spots” is that it works with any TV, doesn’t require a set-top box or complicated controller, and doesn’t require any long term contracts.  It will play on any existing TV, be it SD or HD, and doesn’t require months of learning.  It’s universally compatible with all TV brands and TV networks, and requires no premium subscription.  All you have to do is get a smart TV ad production by Cheap TV Spots, the affordable, start-up friendly, high quality advertising value.
Smart TV is the hot topic this year, and at January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, numerous consumer electronics vendors tried to claim the “smart TV” concept as their own. The public showed a clear lack of enthusiasm for the web-enabled TV experience of Google TV, with many finding it complicated and overpriced.  After a widely reported poor showing at the 2011 CES, Google TV has failed to capture an audience for its complicated little gadget.  Other vendors’ gadgets gained somewhat better acceptance, but traditional cable and broadcast TV remain the kings of content in most living rooms.
SMBs can get great looking, memorable, smart TV spots from the smartest TV producers - Cheap TV Spots, winners of 188 international awards for their low-cost, high quality television commercial productions.  Entrepreneurs can make a smart choice by visiting to find out about low cost TV production options, and how easy it is to get their campaign started with Cheap TV Spots.

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are part the media mix for many small businesses.  [url=][/url] can help companies bolster social media efforts, complement their current web presence, and capitalize on their existing creative, with a national-quality, affordable TV commercial.
Year after year, advertising on television has proven effective in attracting and retaining customers, and is now proving that it plays well with online media.  A whopping 38 percent of online holiday shoppers indicated they visited an online retailer based on prior brand familiarity, while only 5 percent said they were motivated by a social media recommendation.  The key to brand familiarity is TV advertising.
Cheap TV Spots serves a variety of advertisers including mesothelioma attorneys, credit and debt services, tax lawyers, structured settlements, DUI lawyers, life insurance, auto insurance, remortgages, doctors, dentists, data recovery, books, DVDs, housewares, real estate, dating sites, retailers, online shopping, and more, across US cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Austin, Raleigh, and Philadelphia, and internationally.
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