Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Cheap TV Spots Welcomes Former Google TV Ads Users

Former users of the recently shuttered Google TV Ads effort are flocking to award-winning discount TV advertising agency Cheap TV Spots for low-cost, simple, convenient TV campaign alternatives.

Los Angeles - In the wake of Google’s shutdown of its 5-year experiment in self-service TV ads, the award-winning internet-based discount TV advertising agency welcomes former Google customers with a low-cost, hassle-free way to advertise on television. 

Cheap TV Spots, founded in 2001, offers award-winning TV commercials by its experienced in-house production team for low, flat rates, and provides targeted local, regional, and national media buying services with no additional commissions tacked onto the negotiated network rate, or complicated forms to manage.

“We’re excited to welcome advertisers to true, full-fledged TV advertising.  So far, we’ve had a number of former Google TV Ads users ask us to help them create a TV campaign,” says Cheap TV Spots spokesperson Jim Whelk. “They’re thrilled to find that we’re a one-stop shop, offering both excellent, custom TV commercial production and agency-style media buying service.” reaches all TV households across the U.S. and Canada including all Cable TV, Broadcast TV, Satellite TV, and Telco households.  Altogether, the universe has a total reach of over three times the number of households in Google’s former TV system.

“One thing that always set us apart from Google is our amazingly good, award-winning in-house TV commercial production service.  Our thorough understanding of production gives us a considerable edge with the networks when it comes to getting clearance to air,” adds Whelk.

In a brief blog post, Google (GOOG) announced the shutdown of its 5-year-old experimental TV ad selling platform, “Google TV Ads,” the last of its attempted forays into traditional media sales (they had abandoned similar efforts in newspaper and radio advertising in 2009).  Google indicated it would refocus on online. 

Whelk says, “Even in this age of multi-screen households, the vast majority of free time is spent with TV.  Across-the-board, research by Nielsen and other respected authorities reveals that TV remains the venue of choice for entertainment and information.”

Founded by TV and film professionals in 2001, Cheap TV Spots is the leader in the low cost TV advertising sector, serving clients across the U.S. and internationally.  With over 200 international awards for excellence in TV commercial production, Cheap TV Spots is the most award-winning discount TV advertising agency in the world.  Cheap TV Spots offers targeted TV air time at the lowest negotiated network rates, without tacking on additional commissions, and without long-term contracts.  Cheap TV Spots is a service of Academy Leader, Inc., a multi-faceted multi-national media company that spans motion pictures, television, publishing, radio, and new media.

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