Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mauled by Google Panda? More Attacks Promised - Fight Back With These Tips

Did Google’s Panda poop on your pages?  Did Penguin waddle over your website?  Many legitimate businesses now ask how they can continue to make a living online.  We offer news and tips for reaching customers, from

Los Angeles, CA - Just when you thought the worst was over, Google strikes again, this time finding even more reasons to declare your internet commerce website unworthy of its enormous, seemingly capricious database. According to another cagey pronouncement by front man Matt Cutts, Google says they're about to roll out a whole new set of purges, starting as early as Friday, March 15th. That means your website may be targeted already, by Google's "site eugenics" program. offers details on this looming roadblock to your business success, and tips for combating this lost exposure.

Background: According to a recent article in Search Engine Watch, the most recent Google Panda update is imminent (Friday, March 15 - March 18, 2013), and that Google is also preparing an update to its Penguin algorithm. 

What this means for the average business owner is that they may still be swept off of search results, regardless of whether they believe they have played fair on the internet.  If your website suffered last October, it may suffer yet again.

If this wasn't Google, the Feds might have been investigating this activity as "publicly funded malware." Google tries to remain relevant by disrupting your business. Don't let heir anarchist activities interfere with the promotion of your enterprise.

Tips for Combating Google Site Purges:

1.) Now is the time to seriously pursue traditional advertising for your business. 

If you have a legitimate website that has lost traffic - and hurt sales - the best approach is to advertise outside of the Google bubble - and a proven method is via a TV commercial campaign. Does this sound expensive? It's not. Especially when you compare to the $20,000-$50,000 per month that many website owners have spent on Google AdWords. For less than 1/4 of the typical AdWords spend, your business can be on television, including a complete, broadcast-ready TV commercial and a targeted air time buy.

2.) Refocus away from measuring clicks to measuring sales.

Counting clicks is SO last year. For many online-based businesses, clicks have long offered the tantalizing promise of sales, even if it takes 1,000 clicks to get that one sale. People are click-weary. Your customers won't become excited with your product or offer if all they see is a small text ad or some annoying, blinking square on a webpage. People are 70% more likely to buy a product after seeing a video presentation of that product. TV advertising does that for you, and you don't have to wait for viewers to arrive on your website (or get lost in YouTube). Further, with a television presentation, you have the customer's full-screen attention. 

3.) Don't gain 30,000 "friends" and lose your shirt.

Social media is a great adjunct to your broader marketing approach - especially if you're a large, international brand like Nike or Doritos, well-known long before the days of the internet. It's wishful thinking to believe a small company could build a brand with social media alone - despite the "success stories" offered by the social media salesmen. If your social campaign isn't firing up sales, just stop it. Cut the loss, and stop spinning your wheels.

The web is a hypnotic place where you are told what you want to hear. Advice online abounds for how to use online techniques to promote your business. Is it any wonder that it's hard to find balanced information regarding anything but online ads? Most of these online "experts" fail to mention that the palette of real advertising methods are all still at your fingertips, all used daily by real, profitable, in-the-know businesses - radio, newspapers, post cards, phone books, and of course, the advertising powerhouse, television.


If your website has been penalized - even heavily - by search engine algorithms, there is no reason to believe that the war is lost. Television advertising, still regarded as the most powerful and accepted by customers, is at your fingertips. Cheap TV Spots offers value-priced TV commercial production and its budget-savvy air time media buying services to small businesses and entrepreneurs, the world over.

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