Monday, June 18, 2007 goes Platinum - Again

Los Angeles - Cheap TV Spots, the world’s first international, Internet-based TV ad agency, has won the 2007 Platinum Award from the Hermes Creative Awards. Their winning TV and web video entry, "Toyota Yaris, 40 MPG - Shut Up and Drive" - is an energetic, in-your-face take on an economy car for the youth market.

The Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional materials and programs, and emerging technologies.

Garnering over 58 advertising awards since its debut in 2001, Cheap TV Spots is the proven leader on four continents for high quality, low cost advertising for TV, mobile and web video. Unlike their main competitors - Spot Runner, Europe’s Spotzer, and now Google - only has achieved such extensive TV industry accolades. The Cheap TV Spots secret is that they don’t use look-alike templates, but produce entirely original TV productions for a low flat fee.

Being entertaining and memorable is an absolute requirement for TV and web video. Template-based ads by the many ad agency wannabes on the web offer the same generic ad to different businesses, possibly diluting their brand or confusing the message. In contrast, the original productions by Cheap TV Spots are designed to be very watchable, so viewers will TiVo them to play again and again.

Cheap TV Spots competes and wins with airtime, too. Cheap TV Spots discount airtime can be scheduled without long-term contracts or obligations, maximizing flexibility for the entrepreneur, franchise operation, high-tech start-up, retail chain, law firm, restaurateur, or real estate agency.

The Cheap TV Spots team attributes their ability to maintain creativity and originality while staying on schedule to their proprietary methodology and entertainment industry experience. The company can analyze client objectives and the local or national market very rapidly, and conceive, write, and produce a quality TV commercial in as little as 24 hours. also “white-labels” for advertising agencies wishing to outsource creative, due to scheduling or staffing needs. Larger agencies in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Seattle, and Miami may tap into the Cheap TV Spots team for rapid concept generation and visualization for their high-line clients.

About is a service of Academy Leader, Inc., a privately held, multinational media company founded in 2001, which spans TV, motion pictures, radio and new media. Cheap TV Spots makes television advertising fast, easy and affordable for small businesses worldwide, and gives businesses access to a powerful marketing tool that was previously out of their reach. "Cheap TV Spots" and the "Three Spots" logo, and the phrase "Only our Price is Cheap" are trademarks of Academy Leader, Inc.

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