Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Spooked by TV Advertising? Run Screaming from Soul-Sucking Template Ads

Los Angeles -- Entrepreneurs: is your TV ad agency handing you more tricks than treats? Certainly more business owners than ever are fleeing the creeping death of monstrously expensive click-through web ads, and are experimenting with TV for the first time - only to get a nasty surprise.

Lured by the false treasure of template-based TV ad companies, the entrepreneur's curiosity gets the better of him. He has entered the Template of Doom, tumbling into a torture chamber of hideous sales people with hulking quotas, hidden fees, and deadly long-term contracts. What he gets for his pain and suffering is a living dead boilerplate, stitched together like a Madison Avenue Frankenstein.


That's because template ads have no soul. They are the zombies of the TV ad industry. There's just no flesh on their bones. Template ads can be licensed to your friendly local mortician, dentist, and local eatery all at the same time - making the branding of your business a veritable nightmare. Worse, template companies' mysterious additional air time fees can eat you alive, sawing the limbs off your advertising campaign. Before you know it, your advertising costs have multiplied like maggots.

Savvy entrepreneurs can drive a stake through the telltale heart of bloodsucking template ads with the award-winningest producer of flat rate TV ads in the world, Cheap-TV-Spots.com. With over 60 international awards including 8 Tellys, Cheap-TV-Spots.com is the cure for the plague of TV spot ruiners, near and far.
Demonically deceptive template ad companies don't have a ghost of a chance against the exorcising effect of a custom-made ad and righteous air time from Cheap-TV-Spots.com. These are original ads that you'll be Raven about - without creepy long-term contracts or shadowy fees.

Why howl into the night? Bury that rotting corpse of a template-based ad. Breathe new life into your business with Cheap-TV-Spots.com and resurrect your television campaign. Cheap TV Spots is the first and only international discount TV ad agency that does what it says it will: produce quality TV ads that can air anywhere, and schedule air time for the negotiated network rate, without the bite of additional air time fees or commissions. And Cheap TV Spots won't devour your budget.

Is your business in suspended animation? Reanimate it with Cheap-TV-Spots.com. It's alive with originality - reliable as a silver bullet - And cheap!

For a candid discussion of precisely why template ads suck, visit the web site.
Cheap TV Spots wishes entrepreneurs everywhere a Happy Halloween.

About Cheap-TV-Spots.com

Cheap-TV-Spots.com is a service of Academy Leader, Inc., a privately held, multinational media company founded in 2001 that spans TV, motion pictures, radio and new media. "Cheap TV Spots," the "Three Spots" logo, and the phrase "Only our Price is Cheap" are trademarks of Academy Leader, Inc.

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