Monday, October 26, 2009

Holiday Advertising: Maximizes Social Network Marketing Mix for SMBs

Los Angeles, CA -- Most retail businesses rely on the run up to the holidays to bolster their annual earnings.  This year’s holiday shopping season is critical for business recovery. As the economy emerges from its darkest days, only the cleverest businesses will survive.  Savvy entrepreneurs will use a combination of advertising and marketing solutions across media to thrive. maximizes the marketing mix for small to medium businesses.

Ranking well on sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing and is just part of the picture. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace may be the latest additions to the media mix for small businesses - but they’re labor intensive and require manpower to keep current.  

Television advertising is fast, easy and affordable with Cheap TV Spots. The award-winning discount TV ad agency can help entrepreneurs channel the power of “the bigger screen” - television. The world-famous discount agency can help companies capitalize on their existing creative, their current web presence, and social media efforts with a national-quality, targeted TV commercial that captures the audience before they go online, directing traffic to shopping carts, both real and virtual.

Cheap TV Spots can create unique TV advertising for campaigns built around social media sites.  They can also attract customers right to a store, website, mobile destination, or to a toll free 800 line.

Venture capital companies and angel investors alike can make the most of their investments by introducing their portfolio clients to television advertising through Cheap TV Spots. offers many production options to suit the budget and production needs of start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small to midsize businesses.

SMBs may be concerned about the quality of an inexpensive ad. There is no need to settle for an incoherent, embarrassing, local cable-tv-produced ad. architects a well-crafted message, presented in a high-quality, well-designed TV commercial that can air locally or nationally.

Although some producers leave an advertiser waiting for 6 months, even a year, for their commercial, the Cheap TV Spots team can create a custom-made, affordable, national quality commercial quickly, often within days.

Year after year, advertising on television has proven effective in attracting and retaining customers, and is now proving how it plays well with online media.

Be it holiday, post-holiday, inventory, event, or branding, now is the time to get started with a television campaign.

The Original Cheap TV Spots is the inventor of the online discount TV ad agency model and remains the leader in award-winning television commercial productions. Winner of over 180 international awards for television production, Cheap TV Spots produces TV advertising across the US and in countries around the globe.

Cheap TV Spots makes TV advertising easy for entrepreneurs worldwide, and gives businesses access to a powerful marketing tool previously out of their reach. produces and airs TV ads for many business sectors, including high-tech, legal, motion pictures, events, publishing, real estate, automotive, household goods and restaurants.

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