Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Love Is In The Air - Tell Customers "Be Mine" -

Love is in the air... if your spendy fling with internet ads has left you heartbroken, or worse, broke -- Cheap TV Spots has the answer:  a value priced, real TV advertising campaign.

Los Angeles -- Did you blow $5000 a week on that expensive “fling” with internet advertising?  Is your online advertising campaign getting to be "high maintenance"?  Did you suddenly realize that the Internet just doesn't love you back?  We'd like to “propose” that it's time to broadcast your message with real TV advertising.  

Love is in the air... tell your customers, "be mine!" in your very own Cheap TV Spots commercial message, advertising your unique product, service, or special offer.

Do you get the feeling the web's been cheating on you?  With Google's latest search updates trash-talking your links, and now ripping the heart out of your keyword campaign, it's time to "see other people."  Why put up with a fickle formula that loves you, then forgets you exist?

“Step out” with the very best marketing tool for your business - television advertising.  A smart, well-thought-out, memorable TV commercial doesn't have to be expensive (and you don't have to "do-it-yourself" to save money any more!).  For a lot less money than you’re spending for online click ads, you can woo your customers with a targeted, full screen, attention-getting TV campaign

Celebrating its 70th anniversary as the household's biggest screen, TV is always here for you.  TV is still the most adored screen, with adults spending over 32 hours per week watching TV, versus less than 1 hour on all the smaller screens together, and even then, the small screen is only being used to enhance the TV experience.  (For more TV viewership details see our discussion, “Why TV?”. ) has everything you need, to tell your customers how much you desire their business:  memorable TV commercials made fresh by our award-winning production crew, paired with our budget savvy, targeted media buying services.  

Success is sexy - and nothing spells success like seeing your company’s product on TV in a great looking, memorable TV commercial while they’re watching their favorite shows.  Can a teeny, gimmicky web ad do as much for you?

Did you know?:  Your TV campaign can do more than provide great "link-love" to your website.  We at Cheap TV Spots know how to ignite a passion for your online offer, and beckon your customers into a committed relationship with your online brand.  

Even if it’s your “first time” with real TV advertising, can help you.  We make your attention-getting ad, and place it on TV anywhere in the country -- in cities, metros, or nationwide -- without any additional commissions tacked on.  We're not clingy... with Cheap TV Spots, there are no long-term airing commitments.  

Love your mobile device?  We do, too!  You can visit our new mobile-friendly mini-site at to find out more about us, and how to advertise your business on TV.  

Get your customers as sweet on you as a box of Valentine’s chocolates, with

Since its founding in 2001, Cheap TV Spots has produced award-winning, value priced TV advertising for entrepreneurs, SMBs and start-ups just like yours.  Cheap TV Spots will always be around, and we won't forget you on Valentine's Day.  We're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can say "je t'aime" in 5 languages. is a service of Academy Leader, Inc. "Cheap TV Spots," the "Three Spots" logo, the phrase "Only Our Price is Cheap" and the slogan "We make small companies look big - we save big companies big money" are trademarks of Academy Leader, Inc.  

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