Monday, December 03, 2007

Seattle, WA - Discount TV Ad Agency Leaves Venture Funded Pre-Made Ad Companies in its Wake with 71 Awards

Seattle, WA, 3 Deceber 2007 - The world’s first international Internet-based discount TV ad agency,, has again taken home the gold for its low cost, custom-made TV and web-ready ads. The agency has just won three prestigious competitions: the Crystal Vision Awards, the MarCom Creative Awards and the Davey Awards. The original pioneer of internet-based discount TV advertising, at its 2001 launch, Cheap TV Spots has now accumulated 71 international awards for its unique TV commercial productions, reaffirming that delivers consistent quality in the eyes of its peers.

Cheap TV Spots offers a low, flat rate for all production, and does not charge additional fees for targeted air time placement, or require long-term contracts. This makes the best deal in TV advertising. Month-long national campaigns can be as little as $5K, including air time and production of an original custom-made TV commercial.

In a desperate attempt to follow the leader, template-based pre-made ad companies have entered ads in advertising festivals in the low-budget category despite some question regarding the real cost of their commercial productions. Their base price for production is heavily subsidized by mandatory air time purchases, laden with astronomical add-on charges of 20-percent to 40-percent, or more, over the real market rate. A “low-budget” template ad could end up costing many times more than the advertiser expects. In fact, a pre-made template-based ad could wind up costing many thousands of dollars, possibly even tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the length of the campaign.

The venture backed, techie-run ad companies are often preoccupied with controlling their burn rate, or spinning PR to encourage an acquisition by Microsoft, Google, or Yahoo before their venture money runs out.

Conversely, is self-supporting and has been from its 2001 launch, allowing their award-winning team to put their client’s interests first. The company’s energy and talent is focused solely on producing and airing quality custom-made commercials.

The friendly website features free, candid discussions of television advertising, without requiring cumbersome downloads or the surrender of personal information. When advertisers call, they speak to a member of the talented team, not an inexperienced offshore phone bank with an unrealistic sales quota.

About Cheap TV Spots

Cheap TV Spots® is a service of Academy Leader, Inc., a privately held, multinational media company founded in 2001 that spans TV, motion pictures, radio, publishing and new media. The company serves all types of businesses, and provides specialty advertising for the real estate, book publishing, motion picture, legal, and automotive business sectors. Their Seattle satellite division serving the Pan-Asian markets opens in 1st Quarter 2008. "Cheap TV Spots," the "Three Spots" logo, and the phrase "Only our Price is Cheap" are trademarks of Academy Leader, Inc. All brand names are trademarks of their respective owners.

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